Windows 10 Fresh Install for Gaming

WARNING: Use at your own risk! Note: I will not be linking any programs since I don’t feel like maintaining all the links. Google will help you find them. Install Windows (LTSC if you don’t care about Metro) Start > “Create a restore point” Start > Windows Update Cloudflare DNS ( & Download Chromium or Firefox > Get an Ad-Blocker (uBlock Origin) Download Hostsman > Add “MVPS” Source > Update Hosts [FRESH INSTALL ONLY] Install TronScript (or Windows 10 Initial Setup Script) Download Snappy Driver > Update Databases > “Install Drivers for This Machine” > Reboot Download Latest Graphics Drivers from Vendor (if needed) > Reboot [UNSAFE] Download In-Spectre Unsafe > Reboot Start > “Game Mode” > Enable Start > “Graphics Settings” > Classic > Select Games > Select “High Performance” Install Games Download Razer Cortex > Guest Login > Run System Booster > Enable Auto Game Booster > Reboot Download Process Hacker > Right Click Game’s Process > Priority > “High” & “Save for process” Options > “Start when I log on” Download Netlimiter (or another network Quality of Service app) > Set Network Priority to Games Final Reboot Other Things: