E-Sports Coaching Updates (New Discounts!)

Twitch Subscribers and YouTube Members now receive discounts for the paid service! Book as you normally would, but select the Member Discount option! Free services are still available as always on weeknights (EST). The paid services exist for those who need flexible scheduling.

Windows 10 Fresh Install for Gaming

WARNING: Use at your own risk! Note: I will not be linking any programs since I don’t feel like maintaining all the links. Google will help you find them. Install Windows (LTSC if you don’t care about Metro) Start > “Create a restore point” Start > Windows Update Cloudflare DNS ( & Download Chromium or Firefox > Get an Ad-Blocker (uBlock Origin) Download Hostsman > Add “MVPS” Source > Update Hosts [FRESH INSTALL ONLY] Install TronScript (or Windows 10 Initial Setup Script) Download Snappy Driver > Update Databases > “Install Drivers for This Machine” > Reboot Download Latest Graphics Drivers from Vendor (if needed) > Reboot [UNSAFE] Download In-Spectre Unsafe > Reboot Start > “Game Mode” > Enable Start > “Graphics Settings” > Classic > Select Games > Select “High Performance” Install Games Download Razer Cortex > Guest Login > Run System Booster > Enable Auto Game Booster > Reboot Download Process Hacker > Right Click Game’s Process > Priority > “High” & “Save for process” Options > “Start when I log on” Download Netlimiter (or another network Quality of Service app) > Set Network Priority to Games Final Reboot Other Things: